It's very important to me to play with other musicians, many of whom are among my closest friends. I don’t want to have to choose, but I’ve played with Victor Nicholls (Scarp, Evening Star) for 25 years pretty much non-stop and he’s the go-to guy when I have any kind of idea or project in mind. An amazing musician.
Paul James, Living Tradition magazine
"Transcending time, culture and genre, Paul James and the Drowned Lovers stretch folk music to the edges of definition; fusing samples, blistering rock, prog, jazz, indie .. and traditional song in a white-hot melting pot of songs about death, love - and death caused by love."
Newbury Weekly News
Victor Nicholls deserves particular mention for his robust electric guitar on the instrumental Once There Was a Lone Wolf, which summons up the decaying corpse of 80s Jethro Tull and drags it into uncharted experimental territory
Peter Shaw, FolkRadio
On Friday 28th October a new trio, ESPIAL , are playing at Talking Tree in #stainesuponthames as part of the Jazz At The Tree series promoted by Mood Indigo Events .
The band features Dee Byrne on sax / electronics, Victor Nicholls on bass guitar / electronics, and Martin Pyne on drums and percussion.
ESPIAL : 1 : observation. 2 : an act of noticing : discovery.
Join three adventurous musicians as they take you on an improvised musical journey through evocative atmospheres, infectious grooves, strange, other worldly textures and exquisite shards of melody. Expect jazz, electronica, prog …. And the unexpected. Music for curious ears.
Dee Byrne is one of the most compelling voices to have emerged from the London Jazz scene in recent years - a saxophonist, composer and improviser with an interest in pushing the boundaries. Her music draws on jazz, the avant garde and electronica.
Using electronics, Victor Nicholls has developed a unique approach to the fretless bass and electric guitar, creating abstract soundscapes that are often beautiful and occasionally violent.
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